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All You Need To Know About Car Vinyl Wrap

What is car vinyl wrap?

Basically, vinyl wrap for cars is a thin, pressure-sensitive film that is applied to the surface of your car. You may also have heard the term paint wrap or paint protection film. Vinyl wrap adheres to the shape of the surface that it is applied to the vehicle’s original paint and body. You can think of it as kind of like applying a decal – the difference is that it offers the possibility of covering the entire surface of your car rather than being restricted to a specified area. Vinyl wrap comes in a large variety of different colors and finishes. You are only limited by your own imagination!

Car wrapping originally grew in recognition for the purpose of advertising. It now has become quite popular in a lot of custom car detailing shops – you may have heard of the television show West Coast Customs. They often use vinyl when paint becomes overly complicated or when customers want something that paint just cannot achieve.

Why should you choose vinyl wrap for your car?

Vinyl wrapping offers many benefits:

Original paint protection

  • First off, it protects the original paint from environmental deterioration and abrasions. This level of protection paired with the ability to improve the visual appeal of your car can add to its resale value!
  • If you would like to preserve the current appearance of your vehicle – say, you own a vintage car with a distinctive OEM paint color – paint protection film is another option for you. It is a self-healing film, that greatly improves the durability of automotive paint finishes. The film gives you superior protection against paint scratches, yellowing, and stains.

Easy color change

  • Should you decide to make a change with your vinyl wrap in the future, it is easy to restore your car to its original paint as well. You can change the look of your car as often as you want. Do you want a sparkling white car? Are you more into a high-gloss black look? There are endless possibilities for colors and finishes when it comes to vinyl wrap. (Get inspired by checking out what two of the top vinyl manufacturers – 3M and Avery Dennison – offer.)

More affordable than quality car paint job

  • Vinyl wrap is also quite affordable and often costs quite a bit less than regular painting (especially if you are getting a quality paint job done). Installation of vinyl is relatively quick (often done in a day or two), especially when compared to the time-consuming process of high-quality painting.

Endless design possibilities

If you are interested in advertising, you are also able to fully customize your vinyl wrap by printing your design on it. The beauty of vinyl wrap is that you can make it exactly what you want it to be – you can show off what makes you unique with your car!

Always choose professional car vinyl wrap installers!

As with any service, who you trust with your vehicle matters!

Unprofessional installers can cause damage to your vehicle, instead of protecting it. You will often see marks or cuts and scratches left on the original paint from unqualified installers. Edges can be left rough and air-bubbles and other imperfections may be noticeable when vinyl wrap is installed by someone who does not know what they are doing.

Low-quality vinyl also has the potential to ruin the paint on your car.

You want to make sure you are going to a reputable installation facility with certified technicians.

Seat vinyl wrap


Well, there you have it. Vinyl wrap is an amazing way to improve the aesthetic and value of your car, protect the integrity of the original paint and body, and it offers you the ability to express your personality!

At First Detailing Studio Edmonton, we are more than happy to help you bring your vinyl car wrap vision to life. We source quality vinyl from both 3M and Avery Dennison and we offer several car wrapping options, such as:

  • full body wraps,
  • specialty/partial wraps (i.e. advertising), and
  • interior/trim wrapping.

Our certified technicians are going to make sure that your car looks exactly how you envisioned. Get in touch with us If you are interested in getting a FREE quote for a car vinyl wrap in Edmonton, AB.


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