• All You Need to Know About XPEL Paint Protection Film

All You Need to Know About XPEL Paint Protection Film

XPEL Paint Protection Film is a clear, elastomeric polyurethane film that improves the performance of your automotive paint and protects your vehicle from environmental damage such as stone chips and light scratches.

At First Detailing Studio, we offer two XPEL Paint Protection Film products – Ultimate Plus and Stealth. They both provide superior paint protection for your vehicle, all while preserving aesthetic appeal. We install paint protection film on sedans, pick-up trucks, vans, sport cars and vintage cars, using only high-end equipment and the most up to date software. We have several installation packages to choose from, including custom installation packages, ensuring that your design and budget needs are met. We also often hand cut the paint protection film to make sure you are getting a completely seamless finish for your vehicle.

XPEL Ultimate Plus

The XPEL Ultimate Plus film has a high-gloss finish that keeps the exterior of your vehicle looking new for as long as possible. When applied by our professionally trained staff, Ultimate Plus film is guaranteed to be virtually undetectable – giving your car ultimate invisible impact protection.

XPEL Stealth

This paint protection film offers all the same benefits of the XPEL Ultimate Plus film, but with a finish that is smooth as satin. Flat finishes are known for being extremely difficult to keep up and repair. This is due to the nature of the texture of matte clear coats. A matte surface is left uneven so that light is diffused, as opposed to the reflective, smooth finish of a glossy clear coat finish. The uneven surface tends to collect contaminants more easily, therefore requiring special care and attention.

The XPEL Stealth Paint Protection Film was specifically designed to protect a flat factory finish and allows for easy washing and maintenance. However, if you are interested in a matte look for your vehicle you can still apply the XPEL Stealth film and protect your factory paint finish.

As experts in vehicle detailing and protection, we know a quality product when we see one. XPEL is an industry leader when it comes to paint protection. It is a top pick for premium dealerships and detailing shops across the country, and that is why we have chosen to use it at First Detailing Studio. If you are in the market for paint protection for your vehicle, or you are just wanting to learn about it, check out even more benefits of XPEL Paint Protection Film.

Benefits of XPEL Paint Protection Film

Virtually Invisible

The last thing you want when you install a paint protection product on your vehicle is for it to be painfully noticeable that you did so – especially when trying to preserve the aesthetic of your car. Many other paint protection films add unwanted texture (sometimes referred to as “orange peel” surface). XPEL Paint Protection Film, in both gloss and matte options, flawlessly matches factory and custom paint finishes, making it virtually impossible to detect where the film has been installed.

Durable Protection

XPEL Paint Protection Film is equipped with a hydrophobic clear coat layer that provides superior water repellency and enhances durability for the exterior of your vehicle. The added protection of XPEL also helps to keep your vehicle looking new by protecting against paint scratches and damage from road hazards, such as rocks and debris. Over time, scratches and dings can dull the beautiful finish of your paint and make it more susceptible to further damage.

Self-healing Technology

In 2011, XPEL released the first ever self-healing paint protection film on the market. The elastomeric polyurethane topcoat allows for light scratches and swirl marks to “heal” with a simple and light heat application.

Stain Resistance

Exposure to bug acids, bird droppings, oils, UV rays, and tar all run the risk of staining and damaging an unprotected car. With the application of XPEL’s non-yellowing paint protection film, you can ensure that your car’s paint color will remain vivid and true.

Proprietary Edge Seal Technology

Simply put, XPEL Paint Protection Film is designed to stick to your car and stay that way. With Edge Seal technology, you can rest assured that your paint protection investment will not lift or delaminate – keeping your car’s surfaces safe from contaminants.

Design Access Program

The Design Access Program (DAP) is a comprehensive design source, with over 80,000 vehicle patterns available. This means that your vehicle can be accurately and efficiently covered, protecting your ride with style and precision. At First Detailing Studio we also custom edit each pre-set pattern, to ensure your vehicle is getting maximum surface coverage and precise protection.

Warranty Coverage

Adding paint protection to your vehicle is undoubtedly a significant investment. XPEL paint protection products are backed by a comprehensive 10-year warranty plan. This is the longest available warranty in the industry, making sure that your car not only looks good, but is also protected for many years. The warranty covers yellowing, discoloration, peeling, cracking, and hazing. If for some reason the product does not live up to its promised standards, our XPEL factory trained paint protection film specialists will either repair or replace it – ensuring that your investment is secure.


If you want to shield your car from damage while also enhancing its exterior appearance, look no further than the high-quality XPEL Paint Protection Film products used at First Detailing Studio Edmonton. We work individually with each customer to provide a truly first-class experience that will not only meet but exceed expectations. Give us a call today so we can plan the perfect paint protection package for your car.

Of course, with any of the packages, you are able to choose other add-on options. For example, steam cleaning and/or decontamination can be added to Starter or Basic packages. We also offer trunk vacuuming, trim polishing, and steering wheel steaming and degreasing. You may even want to invest in an exterior detailing service, as well. All the options will be discussed with you before beginning your interior car detailing service, so that you can choose what will work best for you and your budget. In the end, your vehicle will be looking clean and fresh!

Contact the friendly staff at First Detailing Studio Edmonton today for your free, no obligation professional interior car detailing service estimate.


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