• Window tinting laws in Alberta

Alberta Window Tint Laws

Alberta window tint laws are strict regarding window tints. The tint laws took the negatives into more consideration than the benefits. Each province of Canada has different window tint laws. Let’s have a look at Alberta window tint laws.

Is it legal to have windows tinted in Alberta?

Yes, some form of window tint in Alberta is illegal. Yet many drivers continue to tint their windows. Regulations regarding window tinting in Alberta exist, and failure to adhere can lead to a fine. Scores of people know what is illegal and what is legal in Alberta. However, it is still possible to find someone giving excuses such as the vehicle was bought like that or other people are doing it as well.

However, using a window tint that is too dark is a security issue as well as a safety hazard.

Most drivers clearly understand that having a tinted windshield, for example, is illegal, but they still put it. A large number is willing to take the risk of getting a fine or a violation ticket. It is essential to know what is illegal concerning window tint laws in Alberta. Here is an overview of Alberta window tint laws:

  • No tint is allowed on the windshield
  • No film is permitted on the front side windows
  • Any shade can be used on the back side windows
  • Any darkness can be used on the rear window only if the car has both the left and right side rear view mirrors.

The only glazing permitted on the windshields is the one installed by the vehicle’s manufacturer. It is allowed because either window stickers or clear untinted frost shields are used. The two are safe as they do not impede the driver’s vision.

Other Alberta tint laws exist such as:

  • No reflective tint is allowed
  • It is a must to have side mirrors if the rear window has a shade
  • No medical exemptions
  • No tint sticker requirements
  • No certificate requirements

Every Canadian province has different rules and regulations regarding window tint laws. It is essential to understand the tint laws in each region to avoid problems with the police. The Alberta window tint laws are enforced because of various reasons. The first one is because massive tints impede the driver’s vision, especially at night.

Most people may argue that a tinted windshield helps reduce glare, but at the same time, it makes it difficult to see through the window at night. Massive tints also hinder the work of the police as well as rescue workers. Heavy films make it harder to break a window of a submerged or sinking car. It becomes more challenging to help victims escape a sinking vehicle or a car involved in an accident.

A clear windshield is safe because it allows a police officer to see clearly into the car he or she is approaching. A tinted windshield makes it more difficult for pedestrians and other drivers to ascertain the intentions of the driver whose car has massive tints. Also, an entire blacked-out vehicle can be intimidating to other drivers.

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