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    Car hand wash service in Edmonton

Car Exterior Hand Wash From $99

Auto & Car Exterior Hand Wash Edmonton

First Detailing Studio provides professional car exterior hand wash cleaning in Edmonton, AB. We will treat your car with the most up to date car care products and tools to make sure it is beneficial and safe for you and your vehicle.

Attention to detail is one of the main benefits of car hand wash cleaning. Edmonton car hand wash is the service that is provided with proper techniques and expertise. Leaving your car with the experts of hand car wash service in Edmonton gives you assurance that your car will be properly cleaned in a safe and professional manner.

Contact First Detailing Studio for a free, no obligation estimate for car hand wash service in Edmonton, Alberta.



  • Pre-cleaning in multiple steps

  • Hand washing with pH-neutral shampoo

  • Door frame cleaning

  • Rim cleaning with safe wheel brushes and cleaners

  • Drying with extremely soft towels

  • Inside and outside window and mirror cleaning

  • Satin black tire dressing

  • Air drying


  • 100% Customer satisfaction

  • Service executed by professionals

  • Detailed car wash, no missing spots

  • Premium car care products

  • Extremely clean and dry car exterior

  • Safer driving

  • Improved fuel efficiency

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