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Exterior Detailing + Polishing
From $699

Auto Detailing and Machine Polishing Edmonton service requires knowledge, skills, experience, professional materials and tools to be completed with the best possible results. First Detailing Studio has it all and works towards 100% customer satisfaction.


Auto & Car Exterior Detailing & Polishing Edmonton

Exterior detailing & polishing is our premium auto detailing package that we offer to our customers in Edmonton. It’s the most comprehensive and efficient  auto detailing package that delivers the best results.

This is the moment when the real auto exterior detailing takes place

It is very important to prepare a vehicle’s exterior for machine polishing. This preparation process is called paint decontamination. During paint decontamination process our specialists will make sure that all stubborn contaminants are removed, because it is required for safe and quality compound polishing.

Once machine polishing is completed, we will seal a vehicle’s exterior with Ceramic Pro Sport coating. Ceramic Pro Sport has many benefits such as advanced hydrophobic effect, prevention of water spots, UV protection and many more. Learn more about Ceramic Pro Sport.


  • De-ironing

    Removal of all surface contaminants

  • Clay bar

    Removal of all stubborn contaminants

  • Compound Polish

    Buffing and machine polishing

  • Removal of wash lines, micro marring and swirls


  • Improved exterior condition

  • Increased resale value

  • Removed stubborn contaminants

  • Removed swirl marks

  • UV Protection

  • Hydrophobic Effect

  • Gloss Enhancement

  • Improved safety

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