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Interior Detailing + Steam Cleaning
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Auto & Car Interior Steam Cleaning Edmonton

This package is an upgrade to our Auto Interior Detailing package and adds up a professional steam cleaning process.

It’s not a secret that regardless of how often a vehicle is used, the interior will get dirty and soiled over time. A vehicle can get dirty in different ways: dirt transferred to the seats from clothing, dirt and grime carried in on shoes or boots and so on. Steam cleaning of vehicle’s interior is one of the most efficient solutions. It’s not always necessary to use harmful chemicals when using steam cleaning. Steam also penetrates deep into material, not just on the surface. It is a lot easier to clean interior of a vehicle in hard-to-reach places with steam cleaning. Steam has an ability to soften and lift dirt so scrub a stain for hours is not required.

First Detailing Studio provides professional steam cleaning services to detail a vehicle. Auto interior detailing in Edmonton is a service that is very beneficial to your vehicle. It helps preserve the value of a vehicle and maintain an optimal driving environment. The aim of professional car interior detailing is to restore the interior or a vehicle to as close to its original condition as possible.



  • Steam cleaning and shampooing carpets and floor mats

  • Steam cleaning and shampooing seats

  • Vacuum and shampooing trunk


  • Improved interior condition

  • Increased resale value

  • Eliminated oxidized or dull surfaces

  • Removed stubborn stains

  • Removed odors

  • Improved safety

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