• Ceramic Pro Pricing Edmonton

    Ceramic Pro Prices Edmonton

Cost of Ceramic Coating in Edmonton, Alberta

How much is Ceramic Pro?

First Detailing Studio provides professional installation of Ceramic Pro coating in Edmonton, Alberta. We offer several Ceramic Pro pricing options for our customers. The cost of Ceramic Pro packages depends on several factors such an overall vehicle’s condition (sometime an additional paint correction service is required), size of a vehicle and a number of Ceramic Pro coatings to apply. We also offer custom Ceramic Pro packages on request.

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Ceramic Pro Prices

Gold PackageLifetime$1499$1699$1899
Silver Package5 Year$899$1049$1199
Bronze Package2 Year$599$675$750
Sport Package6 Month$249$299$349

Financing Available!


Ceramic Pro Add-Ons

Additional Protective PackagesPrice
Interior ProtectionFrom $349
Wheel and Caliper ProtectionFrom $199
Windows ProtectionFrom $99
Finance It

First Detailing Studio offers financing options for Ceramic Pro packages. Take advantage of our financing options and start protecting your investment today.  Contact us to learn more about all possible financing options.

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