Ceramic Coating for All Types of Vessels in Alberta

First Detailing Studio offers Ceramic Coating services for all vessel types in Edmonton and in the whole Alberta. Ceramic Pro Marine for boats, sea doos, yachts, kayaks, and anything that can float. If you’re not able to bring your vessel to our shop in Edmonton, then please contact us to arrange the service at your location.

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Ceramic Pro does not breakdown or wash away like the regular sealant or wax. This liquid nano ceramic coating permanently adheres to the paint. The only method that can be used to remove it is abrasion. The coating is highly durable because it cannot be dissolved by any chemical. Ceramic Pro was originally designed as a protective, multi-functional, industrial coating for all types of surfaces. This strong and durable nano ceramic glass coating is highly resistant to acids, harsh weather conditions, solvents, corrosion, and alkali.


All types of vessels ranging from personal watercraft to enormous cargo ships are adversely affected by harsh weather conditions. All types of vessels are also damaged by wear and tear as well as cleaning chemicals. Maintaining these vessels is usually expensive and time consuming. Maintenance of vessels is a demanding task that frustrates most people.


The accumulation of mussels, barnacles, and algae among other sea organisms can be tiresome and time consuming to remove. The most common methods used to remove such growths include back breaking techniques and use of strong chemicals.


When metals on your vessels are exposed to the water in the marine environment, they start to degrade. Degradation of vessels is a major threat to water transportation in the marine environment due to increased risks of accidents.

Harsh Chemicals

One of the main causes of environmental pollution is the use of strong chemicals for cleaning vessels. Such harsh chemicals flow to water systems and into the air thus degrading the environment and the natural sea life cycle.

UV Damage

UV rays can as well cause damage to your vessel because they accelerate the rate at which the gel coat, paint, and vinyl age. If you expose your vessel to UV rays for a long time, it will look not well taken care of and aged.

Hard water/saltwater build-up

Hard-water and salt water are highly corrosive. As a result, they cause damage to the surface of vessels leading to accelerated ‘wear and tear’.


Oxidation is yet another major threat to vessels. It damages the gel coat and paint of sea vessels thus making it look tarnished and faded.

Excessive Cleaning

Most boat owners find it expensive and labor intensive to scrub, rinse, and dry their vessels. Cleaning can be time consuming because the vessel needs to be cleaned regularly. Cleaning is not the problem but excessive cleaning can lead to degradation of vessels.


Ceramic Pro
Marine Line

This material is manufactured and developed by highly knowledgeable and skilled technicians.

Ceramic Pro Marine line is an incredible product that has brought significant changes to the marine industry. The unmatched features of Ceramic Pro Marine line are incomparable to any other product performing the same function in the industry.

Ceramic Pro Marine


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The material is 9H in hardness according to tests conducted previously. It is proven to be the strongest and most durable coating available on the market.


Dirt and contaminants accumulating on the protective layer of the coating can easily be cleaned without using harsh chemicals.

Ceramic Pro property - fouling release


When you coat your vessel with the material, it will have negligible surface tension which makes cleaning quite easy because you do not need to use harsh chemicals.


The vessel will always look new because the coating has UV inhibiting properties that protect it against harsh sun rays.

Ceramic Pro property - eliminates chemicals


Ceramic Pro has a highly hydrophobic effect. As a result, no harsh chemicals are needed for cleaning.

Ceramic Pro property - extreme gloss


Ceramic pro is not only beneficial for its durability but also for its attractiveness. The coating adds a beautiful shine and deep gloss to the surface of a vessel thus enhancing its outward appearance.

Ceramic Pro property - oxidation barrier


The penetrating foundation of Ceramic Pro accumulates to form a protective layer that adheres to any type of material.


Ceramic Pro significantly reduces the gel coat’s surface tension. As a result, dock rubs and fender barks can be removed without chemicals.

Ceramic Pro property - drag reduction


Various tests conducted on the Marine line have confirmed that it provides 3.3 percent drag reduction. This leads to increased fuel efficiency and high top speed.


Ceramic Pro is specially designed for the protection of all marine vessels. The shield is industry proven to be highly effective at protecting vessels from staining, corrosion, toxic chemicals, fouling, and harsh weather among other things that might affect your vessel in the marine environment. Currently, detail companies, manufacturers, and dealerships are using Ceramic Pro.

Below water


✔ Lower units
✔ Props
✔ Outdrives
✔ Hull



✔ Non skid
✔ Varnished decks
✔ Synthetic decks



✔ Railing
✔ Cleats
✔ Stanchions
✔ Rigging



✔ Glass
✔ Isinglass
✔ Strataglass
✔ Plastic



✔ Vinyl
✔ Textile
✔ Varnished wood

Ceramic Pro Marine

Ceramic Pro Marine

This is a strong, clear and highly durable nano ceramic coating that is used on all types of vessels. It protects vessels against chemicals, corrosion, mold, fouling, UV rays, and oxidation among other environmental factors when cured.

Ceramic Pro Bravo

Ceramic Pro Bravo

This clear multi-layarable nano ceramic coating is as well designed for exterior and interior paint of vessels. It forms a protective shield against fish blood, UV rays, dirt, and UV rays among other harsh environmental factors. The material makes cleaning an easy task.

Ceramic Pro Squall

Ceramic Pro Squall

This clear nano ceramic protective coating is applicable to all types of glass. It protects both the exterior and interior surfaces of glass on vessels allowing for easy cleaning.

Ceramic Pro Paint

Ceramic Pro Paint

Ceramic Pro Paint combines paint with a protective coating. The white and blue mixture of the coating allows for efficient vessel repairs because it takes a short time to dry. The paint keeps the surface of the vessel vibrant and new because it is highly resistant to discoloration.

Ceramic Pro Nano Primer

Ceramic Pro Nano-Primer

This surface preparation water-based solution is used prior to the application of Ceramic Pro Coatings. It is resistant to abrasion thus forming a protective shield on the surface of a vessel. The material is silicone and wax free, enhancing the outward appearance of any type of surface.

What our customers say!

first detailing studio is always flexible with me when i'm making appointment with them, even performing services for me on their days off!!! these guys always go above and beyond when it comes to making the clients happy, explaining the process and products in detail and making me feel comfortable and confident in my choice for coming to them. keep it up guys!read more
Raza Mohsin
15:40 09 Jul 19
First Detailing Studio is an amazing place to treat your iron beast! I'm the happy owner of the BMW 435 and can't stop thinking of how to keep my car in pristine condition in our moody Edmonton's climate. A friend of mine treated his car with Ceramic Pro coating and the result blew me away.So I brought my car to these guys to see what they offer and decided to go with full front paint protective film package, Ceramic Pro treatment of the entire vehicle as well as windshield protective film. As a car enthusiast, I was very pleased with a thorough explanation of how their products work and also given a chance to witness application process on other vehicles. I couldn't believe my eyes when they showed me the abilities of their paint protective film as it "heals" scratches by itself once it exposed to any source of heat. My car is protected now and looks very shiny. Thank you so much First Detailing Studio!!!read more
Glacier 435
06:58 05 Jul 19
I live out of town and had called first detailing on rather short notice , but they got me in within a few days and did everything they could to ensure my car was ready for when I needed to pick it up. They were very easy to communicate with and answered any questions promptly. I got paint correction, gold package paint protection, Silver package ceramic coating and tint on all windows. My Mercedes looks incredible! Will be backread more
Cody Ivey
03:08 05 Jul 19
Alex was very nice and extended his hours to accommodate me. The quality and colour of the tint was beyond expectations, and the ceramic package was explained and done well. Better quality of products than other places.read more
Pavlo Lewko
17:08 16 Jun 19
This place is absolutely the Best! My brand new vehicle was covered with swirl marks and scratches.it was really bad. Alex and his crew couldn’t have made me happier. Not only did they give me the vehicle I should have received from the dealership but they are the greatest guys to deal with. They are what can I say THE BEST! Thanks to you all. Just an amazing job! I highly recommend this company. Now I’m proud to drive my truck. And now my husband has his booked. He can’t wait. Thank you all so much.❤️❤️❤️❤️read more
Helena Hainsworth
22:02 16 May 19
Took my 2013 Audi S4 here and the guys at first detailing did an amazing job on the ceramic coating and detail. I barely recognized my car when I came in and it feels like it's brand new again.read more
Adrian Gallant
02:54 14 May 19
Brought my 2015 BMW F82 M4 Coupe in for Paint Correction and Ceramic Pro Gold. The car looks better than the day I collected it from the showroom. The entire car is swirl/scratch free, and the shine from the Ceramic Pro is unreal! The team at FDS really outdid themselves and went as far as sanding and smoothing out my damaged carbon fibre front lip (Didn't tell them to do it, but they went the extra mile). Highly recommend this place for any/all your detailing and paint protection needs! Super professional, efficient, and great customer service. Ceramic Pro is definitely a pricey thing to invest in, but if you love your car, it is worth every penny!read more
Edwin Dieu
00:52 30 Apr 19
Hands down the best detailing shop in Edmonton, I am glad I put my faith in FDS for my brand new car as the Xpel Stealth that they wrapped was done marvelously. Excellent, professional service and I 100% trust FDS to handle my car. Thanks to Tommy, Emil, and Aidan for the stellar work they did on my car.read more
Frodo B
17:00 17 Apr 19
Outstanding customer service from first contact through to completion of the work. We are very impressed with the end result, the warranty and the follow up! Thank you!
Andrew Sharman
18:58 29 Jan 19
Alex and his team are extremely professional. It was my pleasure to work with them and I would recommend their services to all of my friends and family who are looking for a protective solution for their vehicle. My BMW F32 430i looks even better than when I picked it up at the dealership!read more
Steven Tang
05:01 26 Jan 19
I cannot speak highly enough about the outstanding professional work Tommy and his crew do here. They went above and beyond to make sure that our vehicle was absolutely pristine. The whole experience from start to finish was a breeze and the level of customer service they give is unmatched. They managed to fit me in short notice not once but twice, stayed late to make sure my vehicle arrived and was locked indoors, fixed all of the imperfections and damage caused by the dealership, they did it all. Above and beyond all our expectations. The quality of work performed on our vehicle made it better than new, there is no need to look anywhere else for getting work done. This is the place, you wont be disappointed.read more
Spenser Delahunt
17:26 15 Jan 19
Epic job on the 3M and detailing on our ‘19 Jetta! Quick, professional and reasonably priced. Guys are using top-not materials, and putting the passion into the labor. Highly recommend, and will definitely be back with other cars.read more
17:11 14 Jan 19
I had a great customer experience at First Detail Studio. I first contacted Tommy in October and we have been dealing back and forth regarding the type of protection, trim color and other services for my Tesla Model 3 that was en route. He was very responsive and helpful in providing me with enough information on the options available. Fast forward to the car arriving, Tommy was able to receive the vehicle directly at their shop, during the holidays so that they could get a head start on the job. During the week long job, Tommy kept me posted on it's progress and also sent me pictures to show me the results. Upon pick up of the vehicle, I was very pleased. My expectations were exceeded and I am a very happy customer. I definitely recommend this shop to anyone looking to protect their vehicle. Thanks to Tommy and team for the beautiful work!read more
Desmond Lee
19:40 11 Jan 19
Great job on our work vehicles! You have earned a repeated customer!
AMT Roofing
20:06 18 Dec 18
We were very impressed with the service and quality of work at FDS. Tommy and his team were responsive to our questions and clear with respect to what they were going to do. We appreciated how they were upfront on price and worked with us to build the package we wanted. The paint protection film looks great; their pride in workmanship is evident.read more
Darcy Crichton
18:42 18 Nov 18
These guys are good! They provide professional service, got me in on short notice and the finish on my 2018 VW Atlas after they applied the Xpel Ultimate and Ceramic Pro was perfect. These guys go the extra mile. So glad I choose First Detailing Studio from all the other choices in Edmonton.read more
Earl Turpin
15:31 15 Nov 18
Amazing service, great prices and fantastic results! Highly recommended!
James Chapchuk
23:00 06 Nov 18
Had Xpel and Ceramic Pro installed on my Tesla. They were willing to work around my schedule. The Ceramic Pro looks great!
06:02 29 Oct 18
Recently picked up my Q50 and guys did a stunning job wrapping it up in a protection film. Attention to details all around, custom fitting for the hood and incredible work at lining up all pieces of the film on a geometrically tricky bumper. Knowledgeable team that will give honest recommendations on your specific case. Thank you First Detailing Studio! Will come back for Ceramic Pro.read more
Alex Ignatov
03:53 20 Sep 18
I just picked up my Audi RS7 from First Detailing Studio. The terrific reviews were what initially sent me there, and they did not disappoint. From the time I called in and spoke with Tommy, to the time I dropped off my car and met with Valentin, I felt incredibly comfortable and confident with the team at First Detailing Studio. These guys are incredibly professional and knowledgeable. My car looks absolutely mint and brand new. I would definitely recommend First Detailing Studio to anyone who loves their car and wishes to protect it with Ceramic Pro.read more
Ziad Sheena
22:36 18 Sep 18
Thank you, First Detailing Studio, for a great looking Window Tinting that you did for my vehicle here in Edmonton! It looks a lot better now! Overall had a very good experience with First Detailing Studio. I'll be back and recommend you to all my friends! Thanks!read more
Vasily Krupinov
21:31 14 Aug 18
Good service. They did perfect job with my truck. Good price for service. I really recommend this guys.
01:23 25 Jul 18
First Detailing Studio is the place to go. I took my 2017 jeep grand Cherokee srt there an got the Gold Package an the Llumar PPF. My jeep looks absolutely amazing. The staff there is awesome, They explained everything to me an answered all my questions. Ceramic Pro is truly a amazing product. I would highly recommend First Detailing Studio to anyone. Thanks again to all the staff there.read more
Gord Cumming
22:36 22 Jun 18
The folks at First Detailing we're great. Excellent customer service. Prompt appointment and done as promised. Unbelievable how the Ceramic Pro product finished my car, amazing! Everybody that sees it is amazed and wants to know more about it. Super happy with the price and final result. Thanks again guys.read more
20:49 22 Jun 18
Dealt with Tommy over the phone. I live out of town so they were gracious enough to pick up the vehicle at the dealership. They had it all coated and back to the dealer so I could drive it off the lot protected. Great customer service and great product!read more
22:44 07 May 18
Great experience! Tommy and the crew delivered what they promised and for the price quoted. Picked up and dropped off my car at the time said. Would highly recommend them and the Ceramic Pro service the provide.read more
Bob MacKay
21:17 27 Apr 18
These guys are great... very helpful and friendly. Did an amazing job on my vehicle. I do plan to bring future vehicles to Ceramic Pro...
Robert Nugent
16:08 25 Apr 18
Started following detailing studio on instagram and when I seen the work they were doing I had to check it out. Decided to drop in one day they were really professional and explained the packages and what is best for your needs. After showing me the show room and a couple of cars they were working on I knew I needed my car done. Couldn’t be happier with the job they did on my Hellcat. Protect your investment and book your appointment now 👌🏻read more
Brad White
06:14 25 Apr 18
These guys are fantastic, and did an amazing job on my truck. Had the PPF put on over all the more common areas for chips and scratches, then had the Ceramic Gold package added as well. Had everything done in a very timely manor with outstanding customer service. Even came out to Nisku to pick up the truck for me. Thanks again everyone. Will definitely recommend to others, and be back myself!read more
Kris Tessier
23:38 26 Mar 18
Got my lancer clay barred today. Vehicle looks amazing. Can’t believe they did that with just a simple process. My car hand grinding dust all over it from work and had started rusting the exterior. After this place worked there magic, you could not tell anything had happened. Extremely impressed. Will be bringing all my vehicles to them from now on. Thank you very much!!!read more
Franko Gherbaz
19:14 10 Mar 18
I contacted First Detailing to get a quote on film bra and ceramic coating on a 2018 Honda Odyssey and was truly surprised at the level of communication and accommodation, as well as honesty. The results were amazing! I will be a loyal customer of First Detailing Studio for many years. Thanks guys!read more
Damon Dziewiontkowski
22:32 20 Feb 18

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