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Ceramic Coating PPF & Vinyl is designed as a unique protective coating for polyurethane films and Vinyl wraps. It protects films from contaminations, weathering, and orange peel effect, providing much easier cleaning of the surface. The whole Ceramic Coating PPF & Vinyl protection process includes a base coat and a topcoat. Ceramic Coating PPF & Vinyl is the base coat. After the base coat application is made, it is layered with PPF & Vinyl Top Coat as a finish. The final layer is slightly softer than the main base protection coat. This allows for higher gloss and a deep wet look. It is designed for use in 3M & XPEL paint protection film, vinyl wraps, and billboards. It can also be used to treat car and motorcycle wraps, helicopters, boats, and yachts.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating PPF & Vinyl

The perfect protection of Ceramic Coating is available for vehicles and other surfaces covered with plastic and vinyl wraps. Ceramic Coating PPF & Vinyl system is perfect for this task and addresses such surfaces’ very specific needs giving the following benefits:

Protects Against Exposure to Harsh Elements

The biggest source of paint damage is ultra-violet light.  Excess heat, smog, or acid rain also have contaminants that slowly destroy the paint’s clear coating. Ceramic Coating PPF & Vinyl harden the coated surface by giving it a very strong shield that blocks the UV rays, smog, snow, ice, and acid rain from reaching the paint surface. There has never been a one-time application to slow the aging process caused by the sun for Vinyl and PPF. Ceramic Coating PPF & Vinyl gives a permanent barrier that keeps gloss colours looking rich and matte vinyl looking new for years beyond their specified warranty.

Makes your car easier to clean

Ceramic Coating is used together with vinyl and paint protection film for many reasons. The main reason people keep coming back is that Ceramic Coating PPF & Vinyl makes life so much easier. Your surface will stay cleaner longer. Dirt and debris are easy to wash off without the use of harsh chemicals or too much rubbing. The self-cleaning effect allows you to choose films that you may not have been able to use before. Matte white in a dirty environment? Now you can! Tennis ball green? Now you can! Chrome? Now you can! Ceramic Coating enhances self-cleaning and scratch resistance by increasing the hardness and reducing the surface tension.

Gloss Enhancement

Ceramic Coating PPF & Vinyl adds permanent gloss and tone to the surface that can’t be washed off and doesn’t deteriorate even with exposure to harsh elements. Ceramic Coating PPF & Vinyl will make reds and blacks look deeper and more vibrant. The whites get a unique glow that you have never seen before. After adding multiple layers of Ceramic Coating PPF & Vinyl, you will notice a clearer, less textured surface. Adding Ceramic Coating PPF & Vinyl to matte surfaces produces a clean, even texture that is even more natural-looking than the original designs. Ceramic Coating PPF & Vinyl increases depth, clarity, shine, slickness, and gloss.

Super Hydrophobic Effect

One of the drawbacks of using the paint protection film alone is the lack of hydrophobic properties. This causes enhanced water spots, and it also tends to cause dirt and debris to stick to the surface. When using a Ceramic Coating PPF & Vinyl coating, you help reverse this attribute and turn it into a positive feature by creating a hydrophobic surface.

Reduced Orange Peel

PPF coating alone is also notorious for yellowing or becoming discoloured due to excessive UV light exposure and other harsh elements. The application PPF and Vinyl wraps together for coating provides a microscopic layer of sunblock to extend many paint protection films’ lives.

Prevents Oxidation (Fading)

The car’s paint begins to fade when it is left uncoated or when the coating used on it gets damaged. The leading source of this is UV light, chemicals, and acids. A Ceramic Coating PPF & Vinyl coating has a combination of durable material, thermoplastic urethane, resistant to these harmful contaminants, and can hold its integrity form many years.


Deciding whether to install ceramic coatings or a PPF is mostly determined by two items; your budget and your needs. Choosing a ceramic coating or a PPF to keep your vehicle paint protected is a smart idea. If cost is your main concern, then you should probably opt for a ceramic coating. However, if you want the ultimate protection possible, it is wise to use both.


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