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In the current world of skyrocketing trends in technology, you expect a wide range of incredible options if you want to do anything. Vehicle coating is not left out, there are several available options for you to choose from if you want to protect your car. We will focus on regular Wax and Ceramic Coating and discuss why the latter is the better option.

Information is key when seeking vehicle detailing services from any dealer. Let’s have a look at what makes Ceramic Coating stand out from regular coatings. We will focus on traditional waxes that have been serving people for many decades. Ceramic Coating is a recent invention that is taking the automotive industry by storm. Ceramic Coating has revolutionized the way people protect and detail their car.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer applied on the outer surface of a vehicle. This ceramic coating bonds with a car’s paint chemically to form a protective layer on top of the existing clear coat. Below is a detailed comparison of ceramic coating vs wax.

Ceramic Coating Nano Coating

Ceramic coating is more durable than wax coating.

Ceramic Coating is a strong film that is highly resistant to damage. Wax is less resistant to scratches which makes the original paint vulnerable to damage. Ceramic Coating is anti-corrosive thus acting as a strong protective shield. Since Ceramic Coating is highly resistant to damage, the surface remains new for a long time. Wax is less resistant so it lasts for a shorter time.

Ceramic Coating is a strong UV protector

The other outstanding feature of ceramic pro is that it acts as a strong UV protection. Wax is not as good as ceramic coating when it comes to protecting original paint from UV rays of the sun. The ceramic coating ensures that the paint does not oxidize when exposed to UV rays. Wax may not effectively prevent the paint from oxidation due to UV rays exposure.

Ceramic Coating is highly resistant to chemicals

Unlike wax, Ceramic Coating is highly resistant to chemicals. Ceramic coating does not deteriorate when in contact with tree sap, bird droppings, and harsh degreasers among other contaminants. Wax deteriorates with time and you may need to replace it leading to additional costs.

Ceramic Coating is self-cleaning

Ceramic Coating has self-cleaning properties unlike wax. The ceramic coating is highly hydrophobic making it easy to clean. You will incur less cleaning costs with ceramic coatings. Wax on the other hand is difficult to clean because it attracts dirt and dust. Ceramic Coating is easy to maintain because grime and dust do not stick to it.

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