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Today, we’re continuing our series of blog posts by introducing you to professional products for paint correction process made by Americana Global. Americana Global offers wide selection of products for paint correction such as compounds, polishes and polishing pads. Americana Global compounds and pads are innovative products developed using the most advanced technologies. Americana Global has engineered one of the most advanced diminishing abrasive technology available on the market today. With our paint correction products you will make light work of even the toughest paint correction jobs.

Americana Global products are professional products for auto detailing industry, but at the same time if you like getting hands-on; you can still buy these products and do the job yourself. Read the instructions carefully, follow all steps and you will achieve the desired results.

Visit our shop located at 15313 112 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5M 2N9 , Canada to purchase Americana Global auto detailing supplies in Edmonton. If you’re living outside of Edmonton then please contact us directly and we will arrange delivery of Americana Global products to your door.

Now let’s talk about each product and see what makes them special.

$40.00 + GST (32oz.)

Usually, when a vehicle is new, its paint is perfectly glossy. However, due to factors such as oxidation, your car’s paint might start looking dull. It might also be scratched accidentally. To ensure that your vehicle looks as good as new, you need to correct such hitches with immediate effect.

Using Americana Global 1000 Heavy Cut Compound you can restore your car’s showroom look. It is specially formulated to take care of the most overlooked conditions; fiberglass and gel-coat. Using this advanced cutting compound comes with a lot of benefits. We have listed some of them below:

  • It allows you to easily wipe off your car’s surface with very little dust and zero sling.
  • It has a long work cycle.
  • It gives your vehicle a perfect gloss finish.
  • It requires no follow up steps hence saves you time.
  • The method of application depends on what problem you want to fix. Applying it for scratch fixing is different from using it for paint restoration.


Americana Global 1000 Heavy Cut Compound in Canada
1500 Compound by Americana Global in Canada

$35.00 + GST (16oz.)

Paint correction doesn’t have to be stressful.  Americana Global has come up with a state of the art abrasive, which makes even the toughest paint correction jobs easy. Americana Global 1500 Compound removes all sorts of defaults from your car’s painted surface.

Advantages of Using 1500 Compound

  • It has excellent finishing capabilities
  • It guarantees total defect removal
  • It has a more prolonged product cycling


$35.00 + GST (16oz.)

As the name suggests, Finesse Flawless finish will leave your car looking as good as new. It can successfully remove micro marring, wash marring, and any flaws from previous correction steps. For best results, pair it with Americana orange or black pad.


  • Shake your bottle’s contents properly before use.
  • Before the correction, prime your pad.
  • Use 4 to 6 drops only.

While applying, ensure that you are not too fast. Also, ensure that you only apply light pressure. To avoid a mess, do not buff the surface until it’s scorched. Get a bottle today to give your car the ultimate face-lift.

If you are using it at home, always take precautionary measures. Keep it out of children’s reach. In case of accidental ingestion, seek medical health as soon as possible.


Americana Global polishing pads in Canada

Starting at $12.00 + GST

Polishing pads are essential in any paint correction process. Americana Global offers pads for all stages of paint correction process such as Max Cut microfiber pads, Medium Cut foam pads, polishing pads and microfiber polishing pads.

Using the Americana Global pads guarantees controlled polishing, durability, and less heat. Get yours today from our shop in Canada and be part of the experience.

Unique Features of Americana Global Polishing Pads

  • They have ventilation holes. The ventilation holes have been designed in a way to align perfectly with the backing plates.
  • They prevent buffing liquid from building up during correction.
  • They are long lasting.
  • You won’t experience glue failure.
  • The pad fits precisely on the backing plate.

The ventilation holes allow the pads to remain calm, extending their lifespan. They also increase the time taken by solvents to break down. The cold temperatures go a long way in resisting glue failure.

For the pads to serve you well, you need to keep them clean. To clean them, you can use compressed air. You can clean your pad between passes, allowing you to use a single pad for an entire car.


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