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When it comes to your car, window tinting should be a shade above the rest. Tinted windows can provide you with much-needed privacy while protecting your eyes from the sun’s glare. However, it also offers other essential benefits.

It’s a typical question for car owners, do tinted windows really make the interior of the car cooler? Luckily, the answer to that question is a resounding yes.

How Do Tinted Windows Block Out Heat from Entering Your Car?

Tinted windows resembling sunglasses can effectively block up to ~85% of the sun’s rays (depending on the constituents). This essentially means that when the windows are tinted, less radiation can pass into the interior of your car. Filtered radiation is generally of a wavelength responsible for heat dissipation. But as they have been blocked, the car’s interior remains fresher and cooler even when the weather is at its peak.

It is a known fact that cars can reach unbearable temperatures when exposed under the sun on a hot day. In fact, in recent years, we have heard about minor and major burns in pets and children when they are left alone in the car. Now, it is essential to note that tinted windows cannot block all these heats, but they are always there to effectively block the radiation that enters through the windows.

How Much Heat Can Be Blocked by Tinted Windows?

The amount of heat that any tinted window can block is influenced by a number of factors, including the quality of the shade applied, how efficiently the shade is applied, and the composition of the window itself. On average, a car owner considering installing a tint can expect heat rejection in the range of 25 to 45%. However, there are high-quality window tints on the market that can block up to 80-85% of the heat that passes through them and are capable of blocking up to 99% of harmful UV rays.

So, when working with a window tint installer, it is crucial for you to discuss all the options available on the market and learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of installing them. If you are really concerned about the unbearable heat you face every day inside your vehicle, then you should consider investing in a premium tint.

If you are on the market looking for quality but affordable window tinting in Edmonton, then you will want to consider XPEL window tints.

XPEL window tints are formulated not only to improve the overall look and style of your vehicle but also provide unparalleled protection for the driver and passengers from harmful ultraviolet rays and excessive heat from the sun.

First Detailing Studio offers XPEL window tinting films in two different variants, namely Prime HP and Prime XR.

XPEL Prime HP: An affordable option for individuals looking for window tints with effective heat rejection and UV protection.

XPEL Prime XR: The first choice for those interested in ceramic window tints that can block up to 98% of infrared heat and provide superior aesthetics, performance, and UV protection.

Are There Any Additional Benefits of Tinted Windows?

In addition to blocking sunlight and harmful ultraviolet rays that are known to cause cancer, there are high-end branded tinted windows that can help prevent heat loss during the winter season. A very useful feature that is worth investing in, as it can make your winter ride both warm and comfortable.

In addition, thanks to the different shade options available, they can effectively improve the overall appearance of any vehicle. And when your vehicle is equipped with tinted windows installed by a professional, they appear much more expensive than their actual value.

How Much Will Tinted Windows Cost?

If you are unsure as to whether you should invest in window tinting, remember that it is one of the recommended processes that can easily boost the appraisal value of your car. So, later, if you plan to sell your vehicle, you can expect to make a little more money.

Also, tinted windows will help you cut back on the cost of your air conditioner that operates on your car’s fuel. Now, all of these savings may seem modest, but over time, they will accumulate, and you will appreciate your decision on installing tinted windows.

Given that you want to opt for the recommended Window Tints, you would be surprised how affordable they are for Edmonton residents.

Window tinting prices in Edmonton for XPEL Prime HP film range from $149 to $425 for nine windows.

If you are interested in ceramic window tints, then you will want to consider XPEL Prime XR starting at $225 for a package of two window tints and $415 for five.


Now that you know that tinted windows can help block heat and harmful UV rays, it’s easy to see that they are a valuable investment.

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