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When buying new cars, you may be required to incur additional costs for paint protection. The dealer may also offer you some paint protection options. In case paint protection is not part of your deal with the car dealer, is paint protection really worth it even for a new car? This is a commonly asked question by new car owners. The answer is yes! New cars need paint protection as well as paint correction. You may dig deeper into your pocket but it is a worthy investment in the long run.

Paint correction

Paint correction refers to a term used by car cleaning fanatics and car detailers to describe the process of rejuvenating and restoring the paintwork of a car. Paint correction is done by eliminating car surface imperfections that haze, oxidize, and make the surface dull by reflecting light away in different directions. Car surface imperfections refer to fine scratches, buffer trails, acid rain etching, swirl marks, and bird dropping etching.

Paint correction is done by getting rid of all imperfections. Before the paint correction job starts, the car surface has to be thoroughly washed and decontaminated. Debris and loose dirt among other contaminants are removed. It is important to use premium polishing products and to seek the services of a reputable car detailing company.

3M & XPEL Paint protection film

3M and XPEL offer incredible solutions including paint protection film. You will get access to a wide range of self-healing PPFs for new car protection. XPEL & 3M paint protection film is an invisible strong shield that forms on the surface of a car. The thin layer shields your car from scratches, debris, and bird drooping among other types of damages.

3M and XPEL has gained a great reputation for providing unmatched paint protection films. The self-healing property of 3M & XPEL PPF makes it easy to clean and maintain. The film is one of those additional components you need for your new car to ensure maximum protection and to increase its durability.

Ceramic coating (Ceramic Pro)

Ceramic Pro is the ultimate coating for car surfaces. This nano-ceramic coating forms a thin layer on the surface of your car forming a durable and flexible glass shield. The shield is three times harder than regular types of coatings and has self-cleaning properties that make it stand out. Ceramic Pro is so far the hardest coating available on the market worldwide. You need this coating to preserve the original paint of your new car.

Since Ceramic coating offers a self-cleaning layer, you will save a lot on car cleaning and maintenance. Ceramic Pro is the best solution if you live in a place with harsh environmental conditions. Some notable properties of Ceramic Pro are increased durability, UV protection, all surface protection, and resistance to scratches, stains, oxidation, and corrosion.

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