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How much does professional interior car detailing cost and why?

Interior car detailing does more than just make your car look nice. It reduces allergens and bacterial growth, protects against deterioration, and even increases resale value.

Sure, you can grab a vacuum and some warm soapy water to clean out your car on your own but investing in a professional detailing service is going to give you superior results. At First Detailing Studio we use only the highest quality materials and tools, to give your car that new car vibe all over again.

Price and Service Breakdown

We have two standard service packages and a premium service package, as well as an option to create a custom interior detailing package. With all services, you are getting a minimum of 2-2.5 hours of time and attention dedicated to your vehicle.

  • The Starter

    With this package, you are getting the interior detailing essentials. Door seals and jambs are cleaned. All seams are cleaned with compressed air. Your entire interior is vacuum and brushed, removing all major dirt and dust particles. Hard surfaces are then wet wiped to remove grime and windows are washed and dried. This package is available from $149.

  • The Basic

    You are getting everything with the basic package as you would the starter, with a couple extra bonuses. Starting at $249, you are going to get specialized deep cleaning of the seams in your car. The plastic and vinyl surfaces in your car are also going to get more special treatment, with wet wiping and dressing.

  • The Premium

    Think of this as a full spa treatment for your car’s interior. The standard vacuuming and wiping and washing are all included with the base price of $349. Interior plastic and vinyl are also dressed with specially formulated Americana conditioning products, providing a long-lasting and lustrous finish.

    Seats, floor mats and floor liners then receive special treatment, with full steam-cleaning and shampooing. This provides a deep clean, that restores fabric surfaces, so they look fresh and next-to-new all over again.

    Finally, an interior ozone treatment is performed to improve air quality, reduce odors and eliminate bacteria. Especially stubborn odours – such as from cigarette smoke or pets – cannot just be simply aired out. They permeate the fabrics deep within your vehicle. Essentially, the ozone attaches itself to the odorous particles and begins to break them down through oxidation. It also works the same way with bacteria.

  • Custom Packages

    Some vehicles may require a little bit more time and attention to get the interior up to standard, again. Particularly dirty vehicles often necessitate complete or partial interior disassembly. This, obviously, involves extra labor and tools to get the job done.

Of course, with any of the packages, you are able to choose other add-on options. For example, steam cleaning and/or decontamination can be added to Starter or Basic packages. We also offer trunk vacuuming, trim polishing, and steering wheel steaming and degreasing. You may even want to invest in an exterior detailing service, as well. All the options will be discussed with you before beginning your interior car detailing service, so that you can choose what will work best for you and your budget. In the end, your vehicle will be looking clean and fresh!

Contact the friendly staff at First Detailing Studio Edmonton today for your free, no obligation professional interior car detailing service estimate.

Car interior detailing in Edmonton

Interior Detailing

We will treat your car interior with the best car care products and tools to make sure it is beneficial and safe for you and your vehicle.
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Our car hand wash service is provided with proper techniques and expertise. Your car will be cleaned in a safe and professional manner.
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