• Is Ceramic Coating worth it?

Over the years, great developments have taken place in the auto detailing industry. The most recent innovation in vehicle surface protection is the use of nano-coating. Nano-coating offers unmatched protection for car interiors and exteriors. Ceramic Coating is an incredible protective shield that helps to maintain the shine of vehicles for a long time. Below are top benefits of ceramic paint coating.

Exceptional paint protection properties

The nano-coating layer of Ceramic Coating provides your vehicle with a strong protective surface that shields it from all types of foreign matter thus preventing damage. Cars have to endure different types of attacks ranging from scratches to contamination with dirt and dust. Ceramic Coating coats the original paint of the car ensuring that it can withstand harsh conditions.


Ceramic Coating stands out from regular coatings due to its high durability. The coating strongly binds to the surface of the car, and is not dislodged by either external force or vibrations. Wax coatings wear off after some time. Nano-coatings can last for a long time even when exposed to harsh environmental conditions.

Ceramic Coating in Edmonton, AB

Easy to clean and stays cleaner

The downside of regular coatings is that they easily attract dirt that sinks into them. Nano-coating works under a different principle because it works at molecular levels to make sure that the coating of the car is even and smooth. When dirt and dust come into contact with ceramic coating, they roll off because they find no place to stick to. Contaminants easily fall off thus making cleaning quite easy and cheap.

Car wax not needed

Previously, car owners had to get their cars waxed. Wax was the special coating used to protect car surfaces. However, wax provides fewer benefits making it less efficient at paint protection. Wax sealants easily wear out, offer less protection, and need to be reapplied severally. A single ceramic coating lasts for many years so it saves you from wax jobs or regular coatings.

Cost efficiency

At first, installation of Ceramic Coating might seem to be cost-prohibitive. Consider the fact that it lasts for years while wax will last up to 3 months only. You can imagine how much you will spend on wax coatings in a year. Ceramic coating is self-cleaning so you will also spend less on cleaning. If you do the math, Ceramic Coating is a wise long term investment.

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