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First detailing studio is pleased to announce the launch of the americanaglobal.ca website in Canada. The site facilitates the online sale of auto detailing and paint correction products to customers across Canada. It is important to note that Americana Global has been a leader in the car detailing business for years now and brings a wealth of experience and expertise into the Canadian automotive market.

Americana Global products

Americana Global supplies a complete range of products for high-end polishing, detailing, and car maintenance and cleaning products. The products available include:

Detailing supplies

Americana global stocks all the products that you will require for your professional detailing needs and DIY projects. All produced for quality results.

Cutting compounds

For your paint correction process to be effective, you require efficient cutting compounds supplied by Americana Global.


The good thing with the Americana pads is that detailers create them for detailers. Technology is utilized to ensure that the buffing pads and polishing pads are the most effective.

Exact Fit Compression Pads:

  • The backing plate matches up perfectly with the edges of the pad.
  • Signature Ventilation Holes. It allows the pads to remain calm, extending their lifespan.
  • The pores of the pad by design resist buffing liquid building up during correction.
  • No De-lamination and No Glue failure.
  • Designed to be durable and long lasting when used with Long throw DA machines.
  • Pairs up perfectly with the actual size of your backing plate and comes in 3″ 5″ 6″ sizes.

View in the store Americana Pads

Tools & accessories

Any automotive project requires specific tools to complete. Americana Global stocks the most valuable and necessary accessories that you will need.


Americana Global also offers kits with a range of products for your paint correction or detailing needs. Some of the kits available include;

Benefits of using americanaglobal.ca website

Technology has influenced almost every industry, and online stores are the current trend in business. By using the americanaglobal.ca website, these are the benefits that you will enjoy.

Working with a Trusted brand

Americana global has been in business for six years now, and their products are widely used by professional car detailers across America and Canada.

One-stop shop

A wide range of detailing and paint correction products readily available.

Fast delivery

Americana Global has a physical store in Edmonton that stores auto detailing products Canada ready for shipment.

Flexible pricing

Volume discounts are available to customers, which can save customers a lot of money.

  • 10% OFF if you spend $500 – $1000
  • 15% OFF if you spend $1000 – $2000
  • 20% OFF if you spend $2000 – $5000
  • 30% OFF if you spend over $5000

You can always come and visit our physical location at:

15313 112 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5M 2N9

List of Services

Types of vehicles

  • All types of Cars, Vans & Pickup Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Moto Homes & RVs
  • Boats & Sea-Doos

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