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Leather trimmed car interiors are as luxurious as they are practical. The advantages of leather are abundant, from durability to comfort. However, leather does require some special care and attention to keep it looking pristine. Over time, you may find your leather trimmed interior showing signs of wear and tear.

First Detailing Studio offers the expert car interior leather repair and restoration services in Edmonton, AB. You can rest assured that the leather in your car interior will look again as good as new! Contact us today for a free quote on car leather repair services in Edmonton and we’ll be glad to help you restoring the original look and feel of it.

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Common Leather Problems We Solve

Most Common Problem Areas

Steering wheel repair

Steering wheel

Steering wheels are subject to premature wear because of the build up of dirt, grime, and oils that occurs from frequent touching.

Leather seats repair


Car seats are susceptible to discoloration, scuffs, scratches, and cracks since we are constantly going in and out of our vehicles.

Door Trim

Similar to steering wheels, door trim often experiences grime build up, discoloration, and scuffing due to repeated contact with hands and arms.

Repair and Restoration
Many car owners opt for leather when selecting their vehicle’s interior upholstery because of its reputation for durability, performance, and beauty. Since the interior of the car, including the seats, steering wheels, and door trim, are subject to constant wear. It does not take long for car owners to start asking questions about upholstery repair, and soon almost every car owner has questions about repairing or replacing the upholstery. At First Detailing Studio, we are pleased to offer high quality leather repair and restoration services in Edmonton to keep the leather interior of your vehicle looking good as new.
Elimination of Scratches. With the use of a special polish and color-matched dye, surface scratches are easily removed. For more complex scratches that impact the actual skin layer beyond the paint surface, more specialized materials need to be used. Liquid leather, heat-activated powders, reinforcing mesh and other supplies work together to eliminate even the worst scratches.
Repairing Cracks and Scuffs. Cracking and scuffing are some of the most common issues restoration specialists are faced with. With high quality coloring agents and other restoration supplies, scuffs and cracks can be effectively repaired.
Mending Cuts and Tears. Cuts and tears require a more complex approach as a complete restoration of the leather skin structure must be done. A combination of both liquid and powder formulations that are temperature activated are used to create a new layer that mimics the original leather. Repairs are then completed with color-matched dye and polishing to ensure a seamless finish.
Burn Repair. Burns are some of the most difficult to repair when it come to leather damage. With the help of reinforcing mesh, liquid and powder leather formulations, and coloring agents even severe burns can be repaired.
Color Restoration. Discoloration of the leather naturally occurs over time as it is repeatedly exposed to a wide variety of factors, from abrasion to UV radiation. Professional leather painting restores the original appearance of your car’s interior detailing.
Car Leather Painting

Car Leather PaintingWhile leather damage may appear dramatic, there is no need to panic! First Detailing Studio will professionally restore your leather interior to factory style.

The process for car leather painting is pretty simple:

First you clean.

  • Purge the contaminated upholstery with compressed air and clean with dry brush to remove any loose debris.
  • Complete wet cleaning with professional equipment and detergents.
  • Apply a surface treatment that contains a quality degreasing agent.
Then Restorative Treatments Begin.

  • Make any necessary repairs to cuts, burns, cracks, or scratches.
  • Place protective barriers on all surfaces not being painted.
  • Coat entire leather surface with a special activator to ensure the paint bonds property to the leather.
  • Apply paint in several thin layers, allowing to dry between layers to ensure an even application.
  • Finally, apply a mixture of protective agents to seal the paint and ensure long-lasting results.

Leather interior starting to look old and worn?

Contact us today for a free quote on leather restoration and repair services!

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Why First Detailing Studio?

Experienced Personnel

Our team of auto experts have many years of experience with leather and interior restoration.

Service Guarantee

At First Detailing Studio, we stand behind our work. Our services are guaranteed to meet the highest standards of quality, every time.

Complete Services

Keep your car always look like it just rolled off the lot with First Detailing Studio’s full line-up of premium auto detailing, restyling, protection, and restoration services.

Customer Satisfaction

Our number one priority is your satisfaction. We work hard to ensure that every project that rolls into our shop is completed with professionalism and proficiency.

First Detailing Studio is proud to use FurnitureClinic’s line of high performance and environmentally friendly leather restoration products. These premium products provide reliable and long-lasting results to give your car that just-drove-off-the-lot look and feel.

The process

Restorative leather interior services follow the same general pattern, regardless of the type of vehicle or the type of repair that needs to be done. Each service begins with comprehensive cleaning and degreasing, to eliminate any contaminants from the upholstery. Next, our restoration specialists begin color selection, to ensure that your leather interior remains authentic looking. Any damage, from scratches and scuffs to tears and burns, are then expertly repaired. Finally, the leather is painted, and protective products are applied. The result is a flawlessly beautiful leather interior that looks as good as new!


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