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Our paint correction process gives your vehicle the second birth. We can try to restore New Car look by applying different compounds, polishes and pads. Each case is different so please bring your car for a free inspection first.

Paint Correction, Buffing, Machine Polishing, Wet Sanding, Re-leveling, Scratch Removal.


The paint correction is the process that removes defects in a vehicle’s finish such as scratches, swirl marks, “spider webbing”, water sports and the list goes on… The result of properly applied paint correction process is restored gloss, luster, and shine of any painted surface.

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Paint correction process involves stages such as:

  • Thorough hand wash and drying of the vehicle.
  • Paint decontamination. We use clay bar and de-ironing procedures to remove stubborn contaminants.
  • Paint’s clear coat inspection. On this step we decide whether wet sanding and re-leveling is required next.
  • Wet sanding is used only if there are deep scratches or orange peel on the painted surface.
  • Buffing or machine polishing is the actual polishing of the vehicle in paint correction process. It may consist of two to four stages by using different compounds and disks in order to achieve full paint correction.
  • Degreasing is a very important step that prepares painted surfaces for the final step.
  • Sealing is the final step in paint correction process. It is important to seal up the vehicle’s paint to protect it from further scratching. We recommend to seal up by using the most durable Ceramic Pro nano coating. There are multiple options to choose from.

Paint Correction
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Get rid of scratches, swirl marks, water sports and enjoy a new looking car again

Professional application of Paint Correction, Machine Polishing processes in Edmonton, AB

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Why First Detailing Studio?

First Detailing Studio is Premium Auto Detailing studio that provides professional application of Paint Correction & Machine Polishing  processes in Edmonton and the surrounding area.

We continuously invest into professional tools, products and staff training! Paint correction requires in depth knowledge and full understanding of all processes involved. We take full responsibility for our services and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.