Paint Correction of 2017 Range Rover in Edmonton, AB

This 2017 Range Rover Sport Supercharged received paint decontamination and 2 stage paint correction system. Once the paint was revitalized it was sealed with Silica Infused Si02 Gyeon wet-coat.

First Detailing Studio is The Premium Auto Detailing studio that provides professional application of Paint Correction & Machine Polishing processes in Edmonton and the surrounding area.

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Paint Correction

Package Includes

  • Luxury hand wash and drying

    Our high standard hand washing process includes pre-cleaning in multiple steps and cleaning using only pH-neutral shampoo.

  • Paint decontamination (de-ironing & clay bar)

    During the clay bar process the painted surface is sprayed with a special clay lubricant, then the surface is gone over with a soft detailing block of clay.

  • Buffing and machine polishing

    The machine polishing step is the actual polishing of the vehicle in the paint correction process.

  • Degreasing

    Degreasing dissolves the rest of the surface contaminants and ensures that the seal coating will be properly applied and serve for a longer time.

  • Sealing

    It is important to use a high quality and durable sealant. In this particular case we used Silica Infused Si02 Gyeon wet-coat as a sealant.

Range Rover Sport Supercharged 2017 Paint correction in Edmonton