Paint Protection for Dodge Ram in Edmonton, AB

Dodge Ram Paint Protection

2019 Dodge Ram Longhorn was protected by First Detailing Studio’s specialists in Edmonton, AB.

Paint protection package for this Dodge Ram Longhorn consisted of Full Wrap with XPEL Ultimate Plus paint protection film and Bronze Package of Ceramic Coating nano coating. This vehicle received one of the most comprehensive paint protection packages. PPF Full Wrap + Bronze Ceramic Coating provide excellent paint protection against every day road damages. This vehicle is ready to face any weather and road challenges.

By protecting your truck with Ceramic Coating and PPF you are not only preserve its original look and value, but you also make it look great and shiny.

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XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF

Diamond Package Includes

  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Full Exterior of Vehicle
XPEL full vehicle protection in Edmonton

Ceramic Coating Coating

Bronze Package Includes

  • Ceramic Coating Light

    1 layer on all painted exterior surfaces

  • Ceramic Coating Wheel and Caliper

    1 layer on Wheel Faces

  • Ceramic Coating Rain

    1 layer on all glass surfaces

Dodge Ram Paint Protection in Edmonton, AB