Paint Protection for Tesla Model 3 in Edmonton, AB

Tesla Model 3 Paint Protection

2019 Tesla Model 3 received the most advanced paint protection services by First Detailing Studio’s specialists in Edmonton AB.

This Tesla Model 3 is a brand new vehicle. It was delivered from Tesla dealership in Calgary straight to our detailing shop in Edmonton. The owner of this Tesla saw his vehicle for the first time in our shop. The goal was to protect vehicle’s paint and personalize its appearance.

Even though we had to deal with a brand new vehicle, it still required some paint correction that we always do for brand new vehicles. Contact us to learn more about new car paint correction in Edmonton, AB. Then First Detailing Studio specialists installed XPEL Stealth Matte paint protection film, performed removing of chrome and wrapping of an interior trim. At the end we finished our protective package with Ceramic Coating PPF/VINYL which is SEMA award winner Ceramic coating designed to protect films. We also installed 35% XPEL Prime Ceramic window tinting film on all windows.

The result was awesome. We were able to protect the original paintwork on this vehicle and gave it “one of a kind” look. By protecting your Tesla with XPEL Stealth, Ceramic Coating and custom choice of vinyl accents you are not only preserving your investment but also making it look great and unusual.

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New Car Paint Correction

Package Includes

  • Luxury hand wash and drying
  • Paint decontamination (de-ironing)
  • Paint decontamination (clay bar)
  • Paint’s clear coat inspection
Tesla Model 3 Paint Protection in Edmonton, AB

XPEL Stealth Matte

Diamond Package Includes

  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Full Exterior of Vehicle
XPEL full vehicle protection in Edmonton

Ceramic Coating Coating

PPF/Vinyl Package Includes

  • Ceramic Coating PPF/Vinyl Top Coat

    1 layer on all exterior surfaces

  • Ceramic Coating PPF/Vinyl Case Coat

    2 layers on all painted exterior surfaces

  • Ceramic Coating Wheel and Caliper

    1 layer on Wheel Faces

  • Ceramic Coating Rain

    1 layer on all glass surfaces

Tesla Model 3 Paint Protection in Edmonton, AB

XPEL Prime Window Film

35% Tinting of All Windows

  • Sun Heat Rejection
  • 99% UV Rejection
  • Crystal Clear Signal
  • Custom Style
  • Help Reduce Fading
  • Help Increase Privacy
Tesla Model 3 Paint Protection in Edmonton, AB