2021 Aston Martin in Edmonton, AB

Aston Martin Window Tinting

This Aston Martin looks even more sleek and sophisticated with our full XPEL Prime XR Window Tinting Service for all 5 of its windows.

Prime XR tint film features a proprietary nanoceramic formulation that effectively rejects infrared heat (up to 88%) and Ultraviolet rays (99%). With quality window tinting film, such as the XPEL Prime XR, you can improve the aesthetics of your car, protect your dash and upholstery, and create a more comfortable driving environment.

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XPEL Prime XR Plus Window Tinting Film

Tinting of 5 Windows

  • Ceramic Particle Technology
  • Superior Sun Heat Rejection
  • 99% UV Rejection
  • Crystal Clear Signal
  • Greater Clarity
  • Helps Reduce Fading
  • Helps Increase Privacy
2021 Aston Martin