Self-Healing Nano Coating in Edmonton

First Detailing Studio offers professional installation of REVIVIFY’s exclusive self-healing nano coating on all autobody types, from motorcycles and sports cars all the way to family sedans. REVIVIFY’s proprietary technology delivers outstanding protection against road and elemental damage, such as UV exposure, oxidation, and minor abrasions. REVIVIFY is up to 3x more resistant to chemicals and UV rays than other ceramic coatings. Additionally, the non-ceramic coating features unique self-healing properties, making slight scratches and swirl marks disappear with nothing more than a little hot air or water.

Keep your ride looking like it just rolled off the lot with REVIVIFY Nano-Coating. With a variety of REVIVIFY paint protection packages, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your car.

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What You Get

premium paint protection


REVIVIfy offers the strength of ceramic and the flexibility of PPF, all mixed into one, single-layer nano-ceramic product.

self-healing ceramic coating


With REVIVIfy’s proprietary heat-activate self-healing coating, you can effectively eliminate surface scratches and swirl marks – over, and over again.

weather and UV resistance


The specially formulated protective coating delivers exceptional weather and UV resistance, especially when compared to other ceramic coatings.

super hydrophobic effect


Once fully cured, REVIVIfy features a high-gloss finish that is super hydrophobic. That mean you can enjoy a cleaner looking car for longer.


Ensure your vehicle is protected against the damages of UV and weather exposure with REVIVIfy ceramic nano-coating.

advanced chemical resistance


With REVIVIfy you can rest assured your car will be safe-guarded against all kinds of chemical elements – from tar to road salt to bug guts – that threaten its overall appearance.

Self-Healing Nano Coating Packages

Package Warranty Small Medium Large
Graphene SH Pro 5 Year $1049 $1199 $1349
Windshield + Wheels $199

Benefits of REVIVIfy Nano Coating

REVIVIfy’s state-of-the-art technology provides exceptional paint protection performance for all automotive applications. The unique formula gives REVIVIFY the leading edge when it comes to self-healing nano coatings.


REVIVIfy has been specially formulated to go on in one, thick layer. This simplified application process eliminates installation errors and ensures superior application consistency.

Unique 3D structure


With the unique Si0x nanotechnology, REVIVIfy adheres to a wide variety of surfaces – including paint, PPF, steel, chrome, vinyl, and glass – to create a unique 3D structure that is strong yet flexible.


The perfected formula provides complete adhesion to your vehicle surface, providing exceptional UV and chemical resistance. REVIVIfy is also SGS (the world’s leading testing, inspection, and certification company), guaranteeing its quality and performance.

exclusive formulas


REVIVIfy was formulated with detailers in mind, making it a user-friendly product that professionals want to work with. Eliminate installation errors and issues with REVIVIfy’s simplified application process.

self healing technology


The innovative self-healing technology is heat activated, allowing for limitless restoration of minor surface scratches and swirl marks. With simple heat application, whether from a heat gun or hot water, surface imperfections completely disappear.


REVIVIfy has streamlined the product curing process, allowing the hydrophobic and self-healing properties to be activated in as little as an hour. The nano-coating is fully cured within 24 hours, providing full range protection against UV and chemical exposure.

REVIVIfy has utilized innovative technology to create a truly unique, hand applied nano coating that is incredibly strong and durable. REVIVIfy has developed a product that integrates a variety of materials and techniques from different industries. The proprietary REVIVIfy formula boasts exceptional protection against UV radiation, corrosion, and oxidation, especially when compared to other available ceramic coatings containing SiO2 (silicon dioxide) or SiC (silicon carbide). REVIVIfy also features heat activated self-healing technology to eliminate surface scratches and swirl marks, while maintaining an ultra-gloss and super hydrophobic finish.

Many years of experience have gone into creating this new generation paint protection product. REVIVIfy’s exclusive formula not only provides excellent protective properties, but it is also very user friendly when it comes to application. Unlike other formulas, there is no pre-mixing required. The product effortlessly glides on and strongly bonds to a wide variety of surfaces, including automotive pain, glass, plastic, metal, and ceramic.


REVIVIfy is only available to authorized partners for installation. First Detailing Studio is proud to be a certified partner with REVIVIfy.

No, you do not have to apply wax or sealant after washing your car – that’s the beauty of REVIVIfy nano-ceramic coating! When applied, the product fully bonds to the car’s paint surface which provides (semi) permanent protection against a wide variety of road and elemental damage. The addition of waxes or sealants may reduce the overall effectiveness of the coating.

There are several factors that affect how long the coating can provide optimum protection. The environment that your vehicle is exposed to on a regular basis will impact the longevity the most. Regardless, proper maintenance is essential to get the most use out of the product. If you have additional questions about maintenance or warranty for REVIVIfy, contact First Detailing Studio.

REVIVIfy Self-Healing Ceramic Coating effectively protects against a wide array of chemical and physical damages. Its unique formulation allows for minor surface scratches and swirl marks to be “healed” with simple heat application.

No! Automotive polish contains abrasive ingredients that can permanently damage the nano-ceramic coating layer. Once REVIVIfy has been applied, we absolutely DO NOT recommend any polishes, waxes, or sealants. Additionally, improper maintenance may void the manufacture warranty that is included with your REVIVIfy application service.

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