What is the difference between XPEL Ultimate Plus and Ultimate Plus 10?

If you want to maintain that “just drove off the lot” condition of your car, look no further than XPEL’s Paint Protection Films. Paint Protection Film is designed to preserve the exterior of your vehicle and maintain the paint’s natural lustre. It is an incredibly durable film that, when applied, protects against chips, scratches, and environmental contamination. The many benefits of Paint Protection Film make it a worthy investment for your car.

Benefits of Paint Protection Films

Paint Protection Film, also known as clear bra, is a unique clear wrap that is applied and heat-bonded to the exterior surface of your vehicle. It is constructed with a proprietary elastomeric urethane that is virtually invisible when applied, retaining the true color of the body paint. It protects even the most vulnerable areas of your car from deterioration due to gravel, bugs, oil, bird droppings, tar, and many other potential damages.

XPEL Paint Protection Film is a superior paint protection product. Its durability and effectiveness far outlast many other paint protection products, such as waxes or sealants. The success of wax, for example, is dependent upon exposure to the elements, whereas PPF is designed to withstand those same elements. It also takes a significant amount of elbow grease to get a high-shine finish when using wax. XPEL Paint Protection Film has a stunning, glossy topcoat that gives your car that show-room shine with far less effort than is required with wax. It also boasts a comprehensive 10-year warranty, something you would never receive with wax or sealant applications.

Another major benefit of investing in XPEL Paint Protection for your vehicle is the exclusive DAP (Design Access Program), which is a comprehensive vehicle pattern repository. With precision cut patterns for your vehicle, you are guaranteed to have a perfect application without needing to trim any excess.

Paint Protection Film is a top-quality paint protection product that enhances and preserves the charm and overall value of your vehicle.  First Detailing Studio offers two different XPEL Paint Protection Film options – Ultimate Plus and Ultimate Plus 10. They both deliver all the benefits discussed but have a few individual differences.


XPEL Paint Protection Film was the first ever heat activated self-healing paint protection film on the market. It was developed in 2011 and has provided unmatched protection ever since.  XPEL Ultimate Plus also features the proprietary Edge Seal Technology that provides protection against lifting and delamination so you truly cannot tell where the car’s OEM surfaces end and the PPF begins.

Aside from optimal impact resistance, XPEL Ultimate Plus also features effective protection against stains and chemical deterioration. With XPEL Ultimate Plus protecting your car, you never have to worry about yellowing or fading.

Starting at just $299, you can add superior paint protection to the most exposed areas of your car, such as the hood, fenders, and mirrors and keep your vehicle in pristine condition.


XPEL Ultimate Plus 10 can do everything that Ultimate Plus can do and then some.  It was designed to provide protection against heavy duty damage. XPEL Ultimate Plus is thicker than the original Ultimate Plus film (10 mil thickness vs. 8.5 mil), making it the ideal choice for vehicles used in industrial settings or other harsh conditions, or for sections of your vehicle that are more susceptible to damage. For example, First Detailing Studio can apply Ultimate Plus 10 to the front bumper and hood of your vehicle (as the thicker film delivers even better impact protection and durability) and the original Ultimate Plus PPF to the remaining surfaces of your vehicle. The flexibility to create a custom paint protection package for your car is yet another advantage of XPEL Paint Protection Film.

With XPEL Ultimate Plus 10 you can confidently hit the back roads knowing that your vehicle is safeguarded against even the harshest surface damage. Pricing for Ultimate Plus 10 installation packages starts at just $399 – a small investment for the ultimate peace of mind.

Visit our PPF packages page to get a better idea on options and pricing.


If you want to preserve the exterior of your car, it is essential that you invest in high quality paint protection. Though there will never be a “bomb proof” solution, XPEL Paint Protection Film does an exceptional job of protecting against paint chips, scratches, discoloration, oxidation, and many other concerns. At First Detailing Studio Edmonton, we are committed to providing you with a variety of paint protection options to best fit your usage and budget requirements.

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