• Difference between XPEL Prime HP and XPEL Prime XR Plus

What is the difference between XPEL Prime HP and XPEL Prime XR Plus window tint?

Car window tinting not only adds style and flair to your vehicle, but it also provides protection from the sun and gives you added privacy and security.

Benefits of Window Tinting Films

Many vehicle manufacturers build cars with factory dyed-glass windows. However, this is usually only done on the back windows or along the very top of the window alone. There are also DIY window tinting products, but they usually end up being crooked and uneven – not exactly the sleek look you are likely aiming for. Entrusting a professional to take care of your car window tinting will ensure that you are getting all the benefits that you are undoubtedly paying for, while maintaining (and even improving) the aesthetic appeal of your car.

The XPEL window tinting line includes both a dyed-metal film and ceramic tinted film. Both films are of the highest quality, and our specially trained staff at First Detailing Studio will install your car window tinting with the highest precision and care.

Car tints, in general, reduce the amount of harmful UV rays that are reaching you and the interior of your vehicle. The XPEL Prime HP (dyed-metal hybrid) film and Prime XR Plus (ceramic) film both block 99% of UV rays and boast 1000 SPF protection. UV exposure has long been linked to premature aging, skin damage and skin cancers like melanoma. Taking additional steps to protect against UV damage is not just a “good idea”, it is paramount for your health.

Window tinting also protects against fading of the interior of your car. The sun’s rays are incredibly strong and can cause surfaces (such as your dash or steering wheel) to begin to break down and deteriorate. Materials like vinyl, plastics and leather are particularly susceptible to UV exposure. If leather, for example, is left exposed to harmful UV rays for too long, it will dry out and crack.

Reducing glare is another valuable benefit of car window tinting. Even if you are wearing sunglasses, glare can still impact your peripheral vision. Even just a slight tint applied to side windows can help to reduce the glare from the sun for the driver and thus improving their driving experience. There are also advancements in window tinting films that allows for greater filtering of sun glare without impacting visibility at all.

A potentially overlooked benefit of car glass tint is increased privacy and security. Darker windows mean it is harder for outsiders to see what is inside your vehicle.

Now that we have discussed the general benefits of window tinting, let’s go over some of the unique qualities for each of the XPEL Prime HP and Prime XR Plus window tinting films:


The hybrid dye-metal construction of XR Prime HP window tinting film provides higher heat rejection than traditional dyed films. It is the perfect pairing of value and performance. The color in dyed window films acts as a shield against the heat of the sun. The level of tin can be dramatic or subtle, easily helping you achieve the unique style and desired level of heat rejection you are looking for. The finish of the dyed-metal film is slightly reflective. Even though it contains a slightly metallized layer, the specially formulated construction still does not interfere with the functioning of your communication devices (radio, Bluetooth etc.).

XPEL Prime XR Plus

The XPEL Prime XR Plus ceramic film is more expensive than the Prime HP film, but with the higher price-tag also comes higher-performance. By utilizing a special ceramic particle technology, it is more effective than metallized or dyed window tinting films. In the past, if you wanted to increase heat rejection you also had to increase the darkness of the tint. This could, not surprisingly, result in reduced visibility (have you ever tried to wear sunglasses at night?). The multi-layer nano-construction that is unique to XPEL Prime XR Plus ceramic tint film gets the job done without sacrificing visibility or clarity.

There is also no metal in the Prime XR Plus film, so it does not interfere with technology at all. Communication is super important, especially in today’s day and age. Anything that would interfere with your radio or Bluetooth would be more than just a simple inconvenience.


If you are wanting to enhance and protect the appearance of your car, as well as improve your overall driving experience, look no further than the high-quality XPEL window tint products used at First Detailing Studio Edmonton. Give us a call today for your free consultation and quote.

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